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"Since starting my sessions at Ahh Massage (Muscular Therapy Works) several years ago, I have come to rely on the benefits massage therapy offers to my well being everyday. My life doesn't afford much time to "turn off the engines" so incorporating the stress relief and holistic relaxation has become a "clearing house" for all sorts of tensions and a "must" not an exception! It has truly become part of my health routine, both mentally and physically." K.M., Registered Nurse and Clinical Project Manager for a major Massachusetts healthcare system.

What should I know about massage therapy and Ahh Massage?

At times clients have questions and concerns that are not easily verbalized. Below is a list of common questions that have been asked over my years of practice. I want to share them with you now and encourage you feel free to ask me more questions via email, when you schedule your appointment or at the time of your session.

Must I undress to receive massage?

           No. You may remain partially clothed during your session. Because lotions are used to assist in the delivery of the massage you will likely find it preferable to be undressed or ensure that the areas that are being treated are accessible. It is important to note that even patients who are unclothed are assured complete privacy. Your body will be draped at all times and just the area being treated will be exposed. If at any time you are uncomfortable please advise your therapist.

Will I be covered during massage?

           Yes. All clients are draped during their treatment. Only the area being treated is uncovered. If at any time you are uncomfortable please advise your therapist.

What parts of my body will be treated or massaged?

           Prior to each session, an assessment form is completed by you to indicate the location of pain, stress, tension and what you would like to have addressed in your session. This is reviewed with your therapist prior to you entering the treatment room. A therapeutic massage will focus on targeted areas while a relaxation massage will include your whole body.

How long is a massage?

           One hour is the recommended length to work targeted areas. An hour and a half is recommended if a more comprehensive or full body massage is requested.

Do you use lotions, creams or oils?

           Yes, lotions and creams are used. The selection is based on assuring the best quality massage without introducing perfumes or other additives that may present issues to sensitive clients. You will be asked what sensitivities you have prior to your session to ensure that they are not aggravated by any of the lotions used.

Do you offer Pregnancy massage?

           Yes. Special supports and features can be added to the massage table to support women throughout pregnancy. Massage during pregnancy is helpful for many women. It is important to consult with your physician to ensure that massage is right for you.

Are there medical conditions that make massage inadvisable?

           Yes. It is important that you speak with your therapist prior to your massage about all current and past medical conditions. You will work together to develop the plan best for you. It is important that you speak with your physician regarding Massage Therapy if being treated for certain conditions.

Is massage therapy painful or uncomfortable?

           If treating an area that is tight, injured, or in spasm you may feel some discomfort. You will be able to communicate with your therapist throughout the massage. You should feel comfortable guiding the therapist about the level of pressure that works best for you. Breathing techniques, heat packs, stretching and gentle rocking all work to improve your experience while assuring you can experience the benefits of massage therapy.

May I talk, keep my eyes opened, ask questions, etc?

           Yes. You may speak with your therapist throughout the experience or remain quiet with eyes closed. Remember the focus is on your needs and your comfort level. The goal is to ensure an experience that is comfortable, positive and optimal for your needs.

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